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Chinese subs out!
The chinese subs finally came out for episode 1 of City Hall. Im in the mist of translating... I finished 15 minutes only. It really is hard to translate City Hall. The vocabs they use are very confusing... I don't know anything about politics. Hopefully I will catch on soon.
It is so much better now that I understand what they are saying~
Episode 2 is coming out tomorrow. I can't wait! (btw. still downloading episode 1.... I was watching it online ealier to do my translation. INTERNET SPEED UP!)

My dad took me driving today. My first time in 2 years. Yupp, I gave up on driving 2 years ago but my parents are forcing me to take it up again. To tell you the truth, I hate driving, I hate the feelings of it. I can't seem to look at my mirrrors and drive at the same time. I'll do my best to learn... I need to know how to drive even if I hate it.


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